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 Hello Artemina Residents,

There has been a recent increase of “Organized” sports teams using our parks with many participates from outside the community.

Unfortunately, Artemina parks were not made to handle “Organized Sports”, with that said, there is also liability to the Association if someone were to get hurt while on Artemina property. People will sue the association, but also the individual homeowner that allowed that team to practice on Private property.

The Association Insurance Company “will not” cover people that were hurt that are not residents in the community when a Artemina homeowner allowed this to happen.

The Board of Directors and the Management Company are here to protect “All” homeowners in Artemina, that is why the “No Trespassing” signs were installed, so the ARS “No Trespassing” statute can be enforced.

The parks are for Artemina Residents only with their guests for a party, family gatherings, playdates, etc.  

Organized Sports are “NOT” considered guests and will not be accepted as so.

Thank you all for your cooperation, not only for the safety of everyone but respecting all the residents that live in Artemina.


The Board of Directors and Heywood Management.