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The Town of Gilbert will be Static Pressure Testing fire hydrants between Rawhide, Melba and Mesquite. The retention areas on both sides of Rawhide, in which one of those parks is the basketball park will be flooded.

The second notice for the community, the common area on Presidio off Laredo and Bosal, is not getting water to it. The Landscapers are trying to wire trace where the valve is and so far, has no luck. It looks like the original company that did the landscaping when Artemina was built ran supply pipes from Cambridge/Sunfish through homeowners’ property. If by chance you are re-piping your front yard or relandscaping and you or your contractor come across a pipe that they are not sure of, please call Kevin at Heywood Management right away. The number for his office is 480-550-8744.

Thank you